Hottest Toys 2022/2023

Are you ready to welcome Christmas? What are the Christmas gifts that you are going to purchase for your children? Christmas is really a happy occasion that we wait for, but for children, you cannot deny that it is more special. In addition to celebrating this happy occasion with family and friends, children wait for this occasion to receive amazing Christmas gifts from their parents. Because our children are still young, toys are the only gifts to be suitable for them on this happy occasion. The question is what are the best Christmas toys that you can choose from for your children this year? There is a wide variety of toys that are manufactured and presented every year to allow parents to choose what suits their children, but there are specific toys that are expected to be the most wanted ones by children. Most of the Christmas toys that are expected to top the list in this year tend to be interactive and technological. They vary in their prices to allow you to purchase what suits your budget and satisfies your children on such a happy occasion. Let’s take a look at the amazing Christmas toys that are presented here. Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck: This playset is expected to be one of the most popular Christmas toys for children this year. It allows children to enjoy the taste of summer in winter with their ice cream van in addition to other items that come with this toy such as the table and umbrella to allow children to prepare the picnic area that they choose. Kinetic Sand: There are many features that encourage you to bring this gift to your child. The sand is easy to shape which allows children to create the shapes that they like. There is no need to worry about cleaning up after playing because the sand does not stick to the hands and only sticks to itself. The sand does not dry out which means that children can enjoy it for a long time. Peppa Pig: Once upon a time princess rose Peppa Pig is a nice toy that starts singing when children hold her hands which makes her more interactive. She can sing “ring a ring o’ roses” and can allow children to enjoy their time. My Friend Freddy: Freddy bear is a cute toy that is loved by many children and is more interactive in this year thanks to using technology and linking Freddy to a free app which is available on iOS and Android smart device. The parents’ role is very important as they have to set up the app to allow Freddy to know everything about their child making it the best friend 3D Maker: Technology affects everything around us and does not want to leave us alone even in what is related to our children and the toys that they play with. 3D printers are really stunning because of their ability to create anything we want. If your children are really interested in such inventions, you can bring them this amazing toy. It allows children to design and make their own 3D creations with the use of a UV creation station and gel pens. Skate & Sing Elsa: Elsa continues to make the list of the must-have Christmas toys for children in this year. It is one of the best gifts that can be presented to young children especially girls. Elsa is now a more interesting doll since children can control it through using a remote control and can enjoy playing with it while she is skating, spinning, dancing and singing. Clever Keet: Do your children like birds but you do not know what to do? Clever Keet is the cleverest and smartest bird that you can ever purchase to your children. It is really stunning since it has the ability to drive its cart and children can also teach it to sing, swing, dance and talk like a real parrot. I-Que Robot: It is not an ordinary toy as this intelligent robot can move, speak and also think thanks to using a unique technology which is speech-to-text technology. With I-Que Robot, children can enjoy laughing at his jokes and listening to the cheeky sound effects that he makes. Children can also test their IQ with the robot’s games and quizzes. Tracy Island: Do you remember it? Tracy Island playset comes to be more interactive in this year as it features sound effects and flashing lights. The vehicles can be easily launched by touching a button. Thanks to using the latest technology, children can enjoy the interaction between the vehicles and island and they can also create their Thunderbirds story. Leappad Platinum: The high-res Wi-Fi tablet that is specially made for children is one of the best learning toys to be presented to children this year. It has many amazing features such as the stunning design, powerful and fast processor, back and front cameras for taking selfies in addition to the games and music that make this toy more than interesting for any child. Pasierb and Turtle were at the Toy Industry Association’s Toy Fair, the first one held in person in two years. It wrapped up Thursday at the Dallas Market Center, where more than 300 toy companies exhibited and 2,600 industry people attended, including 450 retail buyers there to firm up orders for this holiday season and preview ideas for holiday 2023. The pandemic canceled the last two years of the Dallas show and the industry’s bigger Toy Fair that had been held every February in New York for 117 years. The Dallas trade show attracted major retail toy buyers from Walmart, Target, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Costco and Barnes & Noble to smaller regional toy retailers. “Major retailers may be doing some deep discounting. They’re wanting to position themselves as fighting inflation,” Pasierb said. “There really weren’t big sale promotions the last two years, and the toy industry hasn’t seen inflation that other categories have.”

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