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All about Balloons and what you should know

It is a very difficult job to pick out the right balloons. Kids love balloons, my little girl love the balloons more than the gifts:) You can transform your home, backyard, venue etc in a beautiful way. You will definitely find a lot of decor options, and one of the most popular is balloon arrangement for birthday. Balloons are cheap and look spectacular. Have fun to pick the one you need for your theme.

Best Gender Reveal Balloon Decoration Ideas

Created on April 13, 2021

These days, parents would like to find out the baby's gender in advance and don't mind sharing this exciting moment with their family and friends. Not surprisingly, gender parties are rapidly gaining momentum around the world. Do you want to throw a real party with snacks, balloons, and gifts? Feel free to pick up our gender reveal balloon ideas for the very first baby shower.

How to Decorate a Gender Reveal Party With Balloons?

Cute figurines, garlands with inscriptions BOY or GIRL, photo area in pink and blue colors, and lots of balloons are the most popular attributes for gender reveal parties. Balloon decor is one of the most popular options, which can be embodied in different ways, depending on the desire and budget. You can just blow up a few bunches of latex balloons, hang them around the house or scatter them on the floor. You can inflate balloons with helium, making baby reveal balloon ideas come true, like a cloud or an arch of blue and pink colors.

Latex balloons have an alternative — mylar ones that look no less elegant and do not smell or burst. Foil balloons live much longer than latex products, and even when they are deflated, they can be re-inflated. These balloons come in different shapes and sizes.

Balloon Gender Cake

A cake is one of the most famous options among gender reveal party ideas with balloons. Anyone can make cake decor himself/herself. Cut edible confetti sheets into tiny rectangular confetti. Fill 3 or 5 balls with edible confetti. It's better to use a pump because if you inflate them with your mouth, you will leave saliva drops inside, making confetti wet and yucky. You can use a funnel to put confetti inside. When the balloons are inflated, attach them to the sticks and plug them into the cake.

Let the baby-to-be's parents reveal the guests' surprise by popping the balloons and letting the colored confetti fall all over the cake!

Moreover, don't hesitate to fill piñata with various small gifts for a baby like bootees, pacifiers, rattles, etc. Don't forget to get a bat to hit an air pinata. This way to find out the baby's sex suits for fathers-to-be as a parent has to make the physical efforts.

This method is good for both an outdoor party and a home celebration. If you want to order a balloon box, you should know that the standard box size is 70 x 70 x 70 cm. It can be a fountain of helium and foil balloons of a particular color inside, but you can make such a surprise yourself.

Get a large cardboard box and decorate it with the words "Girl or Boy?" or "Guess Who?" cutting letters out of paper or simply writing them with color marker pens on the box. Fill the box with helium-inflated balloons. At the right moment, open the box, and balloons will fly up into the sky, showing the sex of the baby.

How Many Balloons Do I Need to Realize Ideas for Balloon Centerpieces at Gender Reveal Party?

If you are eager to adorn the room with balloons yourself, you will want to know how many balloons you need to get. First, decide which of the ways to announce the baby's gender you like the most and which balloon decorations you will bring to life. As soon as you get to know an idea of the future party, it will be easier to calculate the number of balloons.

For example, if you need to decorate the cake with balloons, you need 3 or 5 medium-sized balloons on sticks. If you choose a box of balloons, you may get from 6 to 12 balloons, depending on the box's size. For a piñata, it's enough to blow up from 7 to 10 mini balloons.

For a rainbow, you need around 63 inflated balloons to put on the canvas. There are 7 colors in the rainbow. So, take 12 red balloons, 11 — orange, 10 — yellow, and for every following color — take one balloon less. Keep in mind to buy extra gender reveal party balloons as they may burst.

A gender reveal party is your baby's first shower. Thus, try to make this day really bright, filled with love and happy smiles, and don't neglect to fulfill the most stunning baby reveal ideas with balloons. Share the joy of the exciting moment with the people closest to you!

Find Out the Sex of the Baby With Balloon Rainbow

Prepare a large canvas, cut holes, making up a rainbow shape, fix balloons in the gaps, and don't forget to decorate free space on the canvas. At the beginning of the celebration, this decor can be a photo area for the guests.

Then, young parents start their game based on the gender reveal ideas balloon pop. They throw darts into the canvas knocking out balloons. One of the balloons contains the color indicating the sex of the child. You can also make an odd balloons number, hide colorful confetti or ink, and beat out the last one to determine who will be born.

Box With Floating Balloons Inside

Baby Gender Reveal Balloon

A gender balloon is another common way to find out the sex of your future baby. It's a large opaque balloon with blue or pink mini balloons hidden inside. You can inflate a large airball with either helium or air. It will hang in the air, or one of the parents-to-be will hold it in their hands. When all the guests are gathered, one of the future parents safely bursts it with a special needle which allows getting a hole to let little colorful balloons out. Remember to capture this moment on video.

Air Pinata With Confetti

As a rule, a balloon piñata is popular at kid's parties as extra entertainment. But who says that a gender reveal party is not a kid party? It's dedicated to the baby. A balloon piñata is filled with little blue or pink mini-balloons. The color will tell the baby's sex.

What Are Some Good Gender Reveal Ideas With Balloons?

The punch line of the celebration is the moment when parents-to-be and their guests will finally know whom to expect — a boy or a girl. We have prepared 5 ideas to help make these moments bright and memorable.

Point to Keep in Mind While Disposing of Foil Balloons

Foil balloons, which are the same thing as Mylar balloons, are one of the most popular choices. These balloons come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, characters, and more. For instance, you can purchas foil balloons  letters to correspond with a child’s birthday. In other words, if you have a son or daughter who is turning three, you can go with a balloon in the shape of the number three.
These balloons are made from nylon that have a metallic coating. When sold without any color, graphics, or lettering, they have a shiny silver coating, but usually, they have unique designs. As a non-porous material, when filled with helium, they can easily last several days, if not weeks, indoors.

How to Inflate Foil Letter Balloons

Similar to the way that latex balloons are filled, a professional company that sells Mylar balloons will attach the small opening to a valve that, when turned on, inflates them with helium. For these balloons to stay afloat the longest, they should be completely filled.

How to Tie Foil Balloons

The way that Mylar balloons are tied off is also similar to latex balloons. Once these balloons are filled with helium, the opening is closed off with a curling ribbon. This ribbon comes in multiple colors that can be mixed or matched to complement the color and design of the balloons themselves.
Proper disposal Although Mylar balloons are fun and beautiful, they are unfortunately not biodegradable, meaning that if they are released in the air, they will not break down over time. That means that when people let them go, these balloons often end up polluting both land and water. The good news is that balloons made of foil are both recyclable and reusable.  If the balloons you purchase are in good condition, once they deflate, you can fold them and store them away until another occasion arises. Then, simply take the balloons to a florist shop or balloon store and have them refilled with helium.  However, if you have no plans to reuse Mylar balloons, they can be recycled. Most curbside recycling companies will accept Mylar, but if not, you can find a local recycling center that does. Because these balloons are made from a synthetic material, they should never simply be tossed out or released into the air.

Foil balloons have a very dense shell, unlike latex balloons. Such balloons are not afraid of high humidity, and they endure any climatic and temperature changes. Therefore, foil balloons have a significant advantage over conventional latex balloons. A tinfoil balloon can make you happy for 1-3 weeks, but it will decompose much longer. So it's best to be innovative and give your balloons a second life.

Keep in mind that mylar balloon time recycling can depend on the foil type and even design, so different balloons will molder not in the same way. With the holiday upon us, few people think about what happens to the balloon after the party. If you are a zealous environmentalist, do not worry, as mylar balloons are eco-friendly, and you can use them without fear of harming nature.

How to deflate mylar balloons properly

Small foil balloons are usually filled with air. Giant balloons are inflated with helium and closed with an inner flap. You can use the second option a few times, but to do this, you need to know how to deflate a mylar balloon.

Get a cocktail straw to release helium. Follow the tips below to deflate foil balloons:

1. Pierce a balloon flap with a straw.

2. Push it a little deeper into the product softly and carefully. It is important not to damage the walls of the ball and the flap. Otherwise, you will not be able to reuse it.

3. Let the helium out of the balloon. To release all the gas, press on the balloon in different parts.

4. If the gas doesn't come out completely, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Using it, suck out any remaining helium.

The deflated balloon should be as flat as a piece of paper.

Releasing the helium is only half the battle. If you want to keep your decoration for a long time, you should store it properly.

Don't fold deflated balloons as you can get cracks or breaks on the folding lines.

Separate one balloon from another with sheets of soft paper. If you neglect this condition, the balloons will stick together even with only a slight increase in temperature. It will damage them. Place the foil balloons in storage unfolded and horizontally. Make sure that the air temperature is not too high.

If your balloons are not suitable for further use for their intended purpose, you can reuse or recycle them. Looking ahead, we will answer a possible question, “Is mylar recyclable and safe?” Yes, it is. Read on to find out practical ways of reusing and recycling balloons.

Cool ways to reuse mylar foil balloons

If your balloon is in unsuitability, do not rush to throw it away. You can use it to make home decorations with your own hands.  Stop asking the question, “Can you reuse mylar balloons?” again and again.  Catch a few great ideas:

1. Wall decor

This foil craft will suit those who want to decorate the wall but do not like pictures and photographs.  Here you need to connect your imagination and decorate it to your taste, using home materials.

2. Decorate Christmas toys

You can also use old Christmas decorations, wrap a shabby ball in foil and hang it on the tree.foil balloons3. Kid's room decoration

Wrap old perfume bottles and other cosmetic jars with this material. The craft will be on the children's desk, symbolizing the old wizard's magical vials who keep ancient secrets and magic.

4. Fancy costume

If you have enough old foil balloons, you may make an interesting outfit for a girl. This can be a dress of an alien guest or a fairy. For boys, you can sew a kind of chain mail to turn him into a knight. As an option, parents can make a robot costume out of boxes and then paste it with the foil backside.

5.  A greeting card

People say the best gift is that one you will make with your own hand, so take some time to create an excellent handmade item. If you want to make a card with your own hands, you will need cardboard. Glue the foil on the cardboard and let it dry.  Don't forget to write a nice wish on the inside of the card to make it more impressive.

6.  Gift Wrappers

No need to spend money on gift wrapping. Just take apart the balloons you have in your mezzanine and pack gifts for your friends in original packaging.

7. Picnic blanket

When you cut and staple balloons together, make a great blanket for family gatherings outdoors.

8. Raincoat

If you know how and love to sew, you can make a bright and original raincoat for your child. Kids adore bright trendy, so make happy your son or daughter creating a nice outfit for rainy weather.

If you are interested in top-quality balloons for an upcoming occasion, you can always count on We have a huge selection of different balloons, as well as accessories.

Easy Ways to Tie Balloons - How to Tie a Balloon?

We always associate air balloons with lightness, fun, and holiday mood. They immerse you in a carefree childhood, allow you to forget about problems, and just enjoy the moment.

It’s hard to imagine any event without bright balloons. They aim to decorate any room, making it unusual and fabulous. As long as you want to prolong the life of balloons, you should know how to tie a balloon. Otherwise, your air decor will wither in a couple of hours after blowing up. How to tie a balloon, so it doesn't deflate?

Guide on How to Tie a Balloon Knot in 4 steps

Each balloon has its size. Specialists don’t recommend inflating it more than it should be as that makes it more sensitive in contact with sharp objects. If it does not burst at once, it will, but a little later. Thus, before inflating the balloon, you need to know its final size. You can find out if you inflated the balloon correctly by the shape of the tail: if the tail is swollen, and there is a “pear” near the tie, you have overdone, and the next time you need to inflate so diligent. Take a look at 4 steps to learn how to easily tie a balloon.


Before blowing up balloons, prepare a thin string or a thick thread. Cut a piece of twine of the desired length. It’s enough 18 — 20 cm. If you plan to have balloons hung upside down from the ceiling, the string length has to correspond to the required height.

baloon tying

Blow up a Balloon

Check up if your balloon has a long tail. Squeeze the balloon tail at the base with one hand. Take the opposite balloon side and twist it 4 — 5 times around its axis with another hand.


Make sure that air isn’t blown through the balloon. Wrap the prepared thread 3 — 4 times at the very base of the balloon tail. Try not to overdo and don’t rip the balloon tail.

Last Lap

The final stage and crucial is to tie the pinched balloon end with thread firmly. Done! Now you how to tie a balloon step by step, and once you inflate and tie all the balloons, you can start decorating your celebration venue.

Bonus: Other Ways to Tie a Balloon

There are many different technologies to decorate the desired place for a festive event. Balloon decoration gives more freedom to implement design solutions, create all kinds of elements. In addition, decorating a birthday, wedding events with balloons gives a lot of positive emotions.

Another easy way to tie a balloon is without a braid. You just need to know how to do it right. If you want to use this method, follow simple rules:

- Inflate the balloon, leaving a long tail.

- Clamp the tail base with your fingers, and pull it with your other hand a few times. Try to stretch the balloon tail out to 8 — 12 cm.

- Twist the tail around the index finger and thumb of the hand holding the balloon. You will have a loop.

- Pull the balloon tail through the loop and, gradually releasing it, tie the loop at the base.

how to easily tie a balloonHelium-filled balloons have another inflate technology. As you know, helium is a liquid gas that tends to seep even through the microscopic hole. Therefore, after inflating the balloon, it is important to how to tie a knot in a balloon so that the filler does not leave the balloon.

Helium-filled balloons have to be tied quickly and efficiently. Professional decorators often act like this: first, they tie a knot on the neck of an inflated balloon and then tie a ribbon to the knotted balloon. Some people may consider this method time-consuming and unreliable: the ribbon knot can be untied, and the ball will fly away.

It is much faster and safer to knot the ball neck at the same time as the braid. The result is a knot that clamps both the balloon neck and the braid passed through it.

See if you can use one more tip on how to tie a balloon fast. The balloon neck wraps around two fingers of the left hand (the index finger and middle one), pass the end of the braid between fingers. To make the neck wind easily on the fingers, it must be strongly stretched several times, and for the free passage of the braid, the index and middle fingers must be moved apart.

We hope that now the balloons you inflated will cheer you up for a long time and create the right atmosphere. If you need to make a balloon composition, you should use the second way. Balloon tying without a thread is more convenient and faster.

Your rich imagination will create a bright and unforgettable environment made of bouquets of balloons, garlands, arches, etc. You may draw on colorful, stylish balloons of various shapes and sizes to design elements and discreet compositions. When you know how to tie a balloon easily, you may create any design without outside help.

Wedding Balloon Decoration Ideas

The wedding marks the beginning of a new life, the birth of a new family. And such a celebration should definitely be remembered by both the newlyweds themselves and all their guests. And stunning wedding decor does the job perfectly!

Balloons, as an element of wedding decor, perhaps, will never go out of fashion: young designers come up with more and more brand-new trends in balloon decorating! Check out these top trendy wedding balloon decoration ideas to make the event unforgettable!

Why Balloons Are Used As Wedding Decor?

  • Balloon design for a wedding is an effective and inexpensive way (for example, in comparison with fresh flowers or fabric) to create a wonderful decoration at the most important event in your life. However, nobody’s stopping you from combining natural flowers, draperies, and balloons!
  • An immense selection of balloon types, sizes, and colors will allow you to create a truly unique wedding decor that nobody will ever repeat!
  • Balloons allow you to relatively quickly decorate the largest hall or outdoor area of ​​the celebration: walls, ceiling, tables, doors and windows, gazebos, wedding entrance, etc.
  • Balloons are a versatile decoration: they are wonderful for absolutely all styles, from classic to industrial and minimalist weddings!

How to decorate my wedding with balloons?

It's hard to believe it, but just 50 years ago no one could have imagined such balloon decoration that are available today... But you are lucky!

Wedding baloon decorations allow you to transform a room or open area and create a festive atmosphere for all those present, as well as spectacular photo backdrops.

Wedding Arch

No wedding is complete without a beautiful arch! Usually, these monumental structures are installed in large rooms with high ceilings or outdoors. The arch can decorate the banquet hall entrance or the territory of the celebration, or be installed above the newlyweds despite its huge size, the arch should not look bulky: make it look airy and lightweight, and don’t forget that it should match the style of your wedding!

You can think of any arch shape you want: a heart, two kissing swans, a circle, a semicircle, a rectangle, a square, a rhombus... There are plenty of design ideas for beautifying arches: you can fully decorate it or make your decor look incomplete (for example, a wooden base, partly decorated with mini-balloons and fresh flowers is a perfect choice for a rustiс-style wedding). You can use balloons alone, or add some fresh flowers and greenery!

Balloon Wall Decor

One of the most attention-grabbing wall balloon arrangements for weddings ideas is using horizontal columns that are symmetrically located around the perimeter of the hall. By pulling the balloon chains between the pillars, you can make your décor look even more spectacular!

Also, you can use balloon garlands by attaching “curtains” of colored or monochrome ribbons to them. Moreover, it’s a great idea to make a balloon wall from balloons of various sizes and colors: this way, you can create funny or touching inscriptions or even a picture!

Guest Table Balloon Decoration

Helium balloon fountains are a classic festive table decoration. You can create even a more elegant decor: just tie single large balloons to tables with long string Tulle-wrapped helium balloons with ponytails, ribbons, and greenery will add a touch of softness to your decor. One of the simplest solutions is to arrange monochrome and multi-colored balloon garlands on the tables, adding some beautiful fresh flowers.

Balloon Ceremony Columns

When it comes to columns, there are so many great balloon decor ideas for weddings! You can use only balloons to create your masterpieces (keep in mind you might need to make the column base), or beautifully decorate the upper part of your column with a large balloon and several small ones, tie fabric bows under the top, and decorate your pillar with fresh flowers. greenery and ribbons.

Wedding Bouquets

No wedding is complete without flower bouquets... But a truly stylish wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the modern balloon bouquets! These decorations are quite simple yet gorgeous; you can install them right on the floor, or decorate tables with them. Also, you can make bouquets from latex and Mylar balloons, make separate elements from twisting balloons, add fresh flowers and ribbons.

Bouquets of glowing LED balloons look incredibly impressive: when it gets dark, they will become the central element of the party!

Rainbow Installation Wedding Balloon Ideas

Such a balloon composition comes in a variety of all imaginable shapes. Imagine a solid balloon mass, floating under the ceiling or a garland, “growing” on your wall, or several huge bunches of balloons, floating in the air and stylishly fixed together. These installations look gorgeous!

Ombré for a Balloon Backdrop

The Ombre trend helps make your backdrop even more awesome! Using balloons of different sizes and colors, creating a gradual transition of shades you can make an incredibly beautiful backdrop with a 3D effect! Have you seen the latest Ombre balloon decoration ideas for wedding yet? Huge balloon hearts, decorations of round, square, or rectangular shapes, or even thick twisting garland-like decorations!

Ceremony Backdrop With Balloons

The most popular option is an arch-shaped backdrop (round, rectangular arcuate, etc.).

To create it, you can use only balloons of different sizes and colors, or you can partly decorate the frame with balloons, and use fresh flowers and greenery to beautify the rest part of it. To make your backdrop look more elegant, use curtains of crisp white ribbons or canvas hanging down from the top of the arch!

Feel free to experiment, go ahead and make your wedding balloons decoration ideas a reality! Then, all your guests will discuss “those wonderful decorations” for a long time!

Floor-to-Ceiling Balloon Installation

When you see how beautiful the balloon decoration is, you just want to decorate everything with them! Covering great spaces may require a huge amount of balloons, as well as great effort, but it's worth it! Such wonderful decorations make you feel as if you were in some kind of balloon fairy tale! This is a great way to beautifully decorate a huge wall or divide the great hall into different balloon ideasYou can combine balloons of different colors with smooth or abrupt transitions from one color to another, or make a monochrome floor-to-ceiling balloon installation. Perhaps, this decor will turn out to be the best photo backdrop around!

Decorate Your Entrance!

Wedding entrance decorations create the first impression, so make sure it is amazing!

The most popular option for entrance decor is an arch (if you wish, you can even create a 5-7 meter long balloon tunnel), or columns, installed on both sides of the entrance. Another interesting option is to decorate the wedding entrance with an arch garland (think about finding some objects to attach it to).

There are also simpler options like a beautiful balloon composition (bouquet or fountain will do), with an eye-catching handmade sign with a welcome message next to it!

Chic Getaway Wedding Decor with Balloons

The beautifully decorated car always draws attention and even helps to highlight the whole festive motorcade. Matte helium balloons of gray, white, beige, pink, and blue colors look spectacular when combined with drapery, fresh flowers, greenery, and variegated ribbons.

Outdoor Ceremony: Wedding Ideas with Balloons

The outdoor area offers even more opportunities for creating beautiful decor; you just need to think over where and how to mount your creations.

Decorate the pool with huge snow-white balloons, beautify the fence with balloon garlands, scatter some balloons of different sizes at the foot of the trees, transform the gazebo into a tiny palace using balloons with bright ribbon tails, and use helium balloons or columns to mark the path to the main wedding entrance!

Wedding Decorations with Balloons: Ideas are in the Air!

The gifted and experienced designers always have some ingenious balloon ideas for a wedding reception in their minds! With these guys around, decorating your wedding will become great fun rather than an overwhelming task! It will help you to keep things positive and make you shine at the most important event in your life!

Best Balloon Decorations Ideas for Any Party

The tradition of decorating celebration halls with balloons dates back to antiquity. However, it is more than relevant today considering that modern balloon design offers almost limitless balloon party decorations ideas!

Balloon arches, columns, garlands, bouquets, figures, panels of all the colors of the rainbow, sizes, shapes, and types —you can transform any interior beyond recognition in just a day! Unique ideas for decorating with balloons help you bring a festive atmosphere to any home, make a wonderful gift, help your children turn their dreams into reality, and go back to a carefree childhood yourself for a day.

Check out these top balloons decoration ideas that will help you to gain memories that never fade!

What to decorate with balloons at your party

Unique balloon decorations ideas will help you decorate the entrance to the house, walls and ceilings, doors, and windows, stairs, a festive table, trees in the garden - whatever you like!

We’ve rounded up the most interesting decoration ideas at home with balloons — choose the ones you like most and get creative!

Handrail of stairs

  • wrap the handrail with led balloons garlands to beautifully illuminate the staircase;
  • attach helium balloons to the railing, placing them at the same distance from each other. An interesting idea is to use balloons with directions, created in a playful manner;
  • talking about DIY balloon decorations ideas, we can’t help mentioning bundles of balloons, which you can attach to the railing at the same distance from each other, and then stretch a beautiful fabric between them — this will help you to create an incomparable and versatile decor!


  • tie the helium balloons to beautiful weights near each place at the festive table, placing each of them separately or tying them into bright bundles;
  • place a balloon garland in the middle of the table;
  • decorate the cocktail tubes with small balloons;
  • create an interesting table centerpiece: glue several balloons of different sizes and colors with double-sided tape, decorate them with flowers and greenery;
  • pull several strands of fishing line from floor to ceiling around the table and attach transparent balloons of different sizes to it in a chaotic manner. This is one of the most beautiful table balloon decorations ideas that can create a stunning 3D effect and make the dining area cozier!


  • place balloon columns on both sides of the door, or even better — transform them into an arch;
  • the door can be beautifully decorated with a balloon garland with flowers, greenery, ribbons, and tassels attached to it;
  • you can create beautiful figures using twisting balloons (for example, flowers or butterflies) and attach them to the grate on the front door;
  • another balloon decorations idea that will help you to stunningly transform your home entrance: attach a voluminous line of balloons on top of the door, attach multiple colorful dangling ribbons to it, then pull them to the edges of the door and tie them to make them look like curtains!

Trees at your yard

  • use one-color balloons to decorate tree branches — attach them separately or in whole bundles to make them look like fruits and berries that grow on a tree;
  • wrap the trunk of the tree with a garland of small balloons (use strong, high-quality Qualatex balloons).  Use led balloons to make the whole tree beautifully glow in the dark;
  • decorate the bottom of a tree trunk with balloons of various colors and sizes, attaching them to each other in a chaotic manner with double-sided tape or tying them to each other with a fishing line.


  • tie souvenirs, tiny gifts, or notes with touching messages and wishes for guests to balloons with helium and let them freely float on the ceiling;
  • try one of the most beautiful and popular party decoration ideas with balloons: fill a lot of balloons with helium, tie a tail from tassels to each of them and let them float!


  • stick the balloons to the wall with double-sided tape in a random manner. Pearl balloons look extraordinarily beautiful and resemble champagne bubbles — place this decor on the wall near the bar;
  • use garlands: mixing balloons, fresh flowers, and greenery, ribbons, and tassels, you can create a unique art object of any shape;
  • a balloon panel will help you to decorate a large blank wall and turn it into a cool photo backdrop!

Ideas for birthday party balloon decorations

Are you going to celebrate your birthday at home? It’s a good idea, but you should take care of the decor of the room a day before the event.

Decorating your home with balloons is a versatile and inexpensive way to let your guests dive into the magical atmosphere, barely entering the room. The balloons will clearly show all those present that today is a special day!

Letter and number foil balloons

Using these sparkling multi-colored numbers and letters, you can “assemble” the age of the birthday boy, write his name and even create a short congratulation. Due to the high quality of the balloons, such inscriptions look quite festive and presentable

Balloon panels

A huge beautiful panel made of balloons and other decorations not only helps to decorate the wall: if you create a masterpiece, all the guests will line up to make some amazing photo in front of it.

Balloons with inscriptions

Believe us: there are a lot of simple but beautiful balloon decoration ideas without helium!

These balloons themselves look very beautiful, plus you can write any inscription on them — both touching and comic messages! You can invite the guests to “sign” the balloons: it’s a good way to get your guests engaged in a fun game and create a gift for the birthday boy!

Balloon surprise

Looking for amazing balloon decorations ideas for kids? Search no more!

Complete your children's birthday decor with a huge “balloon surprise” suspended from the ceiling and filled with candies, confetti, streamers, rose petals, small balloons, small toys, predictions, and gifts.

By the way, popping such a balloon is an unforgettable experience!

Balloons decoration ideas for wedding

Balloons as an element of wedding decor, perhaps, will never go out of fashion. When choosing balloons, pay attention to the color scheme. It is ideal if the outfits, bouquet, flowers, drapery and all the attributes harmoniously fit the overall color scheme of the event.

Balloon arch

It is difficult to imagine an event entrance, engagement stage, a bar zone, a lounge zone, or a photo zone.

Being the most ambitious decoration of the celebration, the balloon arch allows you to beautifully zone an open-plan space. You can create an arch using only balloons, or combine them with flowers and greenery, beautiful paper decorations, ribbons, and tassels.

Keep in mind that you can choose various shapes of arches to make them perfectly fit the style and concept of your wedding.  

Tulle balloons

This is one of the most elegant balloon decoration ideas for a wedding, and you just have to try itWrap large helium balloons in tulle: this decoration looks especially exquisite, resembling the image of a bride. You can use either classic translucent fabric or lace or guipure, tulle with polka dots or stripes, and many more options to make your decorations look unique!

The knot that secures the fabric to the ball can be decorated with flowers, ribbons, bows, sparkles.


Pick up huge matte balloons and trendy shades (Silver, White, Black, Rose Gold, Purple, Deep Green, etc.) to create amazing, trendy photos. It’s a good idea to use balloons and tassel garlands to create a sparkling photo backdrop that will be appreciated by all your guests.

Balloon garlands

Garlands are good for many reasons:

  • you can create them from balloons of different types, sizes, and colors;
  • it’s easy to give them unexpected shape;
  • they can be decorated with flowers, paper decorations, ribbons, and tassels.
  • it's an inexpensive way to easily decorate large blank walls, ceilings, and outdoor areas (including decorating trees and bushes).

Baby shower balloon decorations ideas

A Baby shower is a soulful and very emotional event. Delicate shades of pink or blue, a bit of feather or sparkles — that’s how you create gentle and touching celebration decorations.

Using such decorations, you can easily make a perfect photo backdrop that will help you to create a lot of pleasant and warm memories.

Butterfly balloons

To create this decoration, all you’ll need is regular helium balloons and some paper multicolored butterflies, which would be easy to find in any craft store or create yourself. Also, you can cover the balloons with pom poms or even something simpler like sequins.

Balloon decoration wreath

Mix pink, gray, peach, and silver baby shower balloons of all sizes to create a huge gorgeous balloon wreath display! Add some fresh flowers and pom-poms to give it more texture and depth.

Bundles of helium balloons with baskets

Tie several helium balloons of delicate colors together. Then, attach ribbons to them, tie baskets with flowers, soft toys, and sweets to them. You can even tie a giant teddy bear to one of the bundles (note: it takes around 60 balloons to lift 0,55 lb) — this decoration looks just impressive!

Baby shower balloon boxes

These simple yet eye-catching transparent balloon decorations will fit any baby shower celebration style. You can add pink or blue balloons inside the boxes, or use any colors you want. Create a memorable party that you've always wanted!

Make your dreams come true!

Ideas for balloon decorations, offered by modern designers, can help you to decorate any celebration — from the one-year-old’s birthday to a corporate event with several hundred or more guests.

Decorating a party with balloons has many advantages, and the main ones are as follows:

  • it looks extremely beautiful and gives joy;
  • it’s easy to create unique decoration with the same materials;
  • it's a simple, fast, and relatively inexpensive way to decorate the event;
  • balloons do not fade like flowers, and they are cheaper than garlands!

Come on, and try these balloon decoration ideas at home!

Balloon Releases: Why we say NO!



In addition to a lack of awareness, balloon releases are endorsed by major brands who often feature incorrectly released balloons in billboard and TV advertising, most probably because there’s something uplifting about the image of balloons floating in the sky (pun intended!). Whilst many of the images will be computer generated they still suggest it’s acceptable to release balloons into the atmosphere.

For years, balloon industry bodies have been providing and promoting strict guidelines for balloon releases.  Unfortunately however, this information is not getting through and on a weekly, if not daily basis, we read articles of balloons being incorrectly released with ribbon, in clusters, made of foil, etc., etc..

So what is the issue exactly? Well, actually it’s not one but several issues:

  • Environment
  • As mentioned, balloons are often released with plastic valves and plastic, as we all know, is no good for the environment (just look at the Government’s initiative to reduce the consumption of plastic bags).

  • Wildlife
  • Despite strict industry guidelines, lack of consumer awareness means that balloons are nearly always released with ribbon attached which can present a threat to wildlife if they become entangled.  In addition, if the balloons have been fitted with plastic valves or sealing discs, these can present a choking hazard.

  • Power outages
  • Foil balloons are not biodegradable, conduct electricity and can cause power cuts. In fact, in California, it’s become such a big problem that a law was passed which requires all foil balloons to be sold with a weight. Unfortunately foil balloons are still being released and at the time of writing, we understand a new bill to ban the sale of helium-filled foil balloons altogether is about to be decided. Imagine if this is just the start of things to come… a world without balloons; what a sad place it would be.

  • Litter
  • And lastly but by no means least, there’s the issue of littering. What goes up, must come down and since balloons can travel far and wide when released, the responsibility for picking them up falls to others.

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