My Story

Let me introduce myself

I grew up in Austria for 31 years until I moved to Los Angeles, CA because I fell in love on my vacation. I started my selling career with 16 years and it didn't took long until I found out I have a lot of passion for selling. My customer base grew very quickly and my boss was happy about that:)

Coming from a different country without speaking the language, it was pretty difficult on the beginning. I worked every odd job I could get just to make ends meet. In 2007 I gave birth to my daughter and I knew we will need more income. So I went back to selling on yard sales. Every Saturday and Sunday I packed up my car and took my little munchkin with me to make some extra income. My husband went to school to get his GED which he didn't when he was young. He graduated and became a certified electrician.

After that I started selling online. In 2012 I became pregnant with my second daughter and quit my job , I didn't want my baby in day care, I wanted to raise them myself. I am a long time seller on all the big marketplaces for many years.  It  is time to make changes  and the Queen of the Castle Emporium was born in 2021.

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I Promise To Offer Top Quality, Competitive Price, Good Communication, Fast Shipment And Nice Service to make your purchase as smooth as it can be


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