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Friday Night Funkin Balloons Set

Friday Night Funkin Balloons Set

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Now this is going to be some great fun, if you planning to throw a Friday Night Funkin Party. Maybe just a karaoke party the decoration will also be great for it. Get some cheap decoration microphones (not included) and complete the whole look.

This Friday Night Funkin Balloons Bundle includes

1 4D Foil Disco Ball 22 inch

1 Foil Music Note 20 inch

1 Foil Radio 23 inch

10 Latex Balloon 12 inch

Just add Helium to the balloons and ENJOY. Inflate balloons same day of event. Latex balloons have an average indoor float time of 12-24 hours. Foil balloons can last multiple days if filled and stored properly. Balloons used outdoors will have a much less float time due to the elements. Foil balloons require a low pressure regulated foil inflator to inflate them. These regulators have an auto shut off pressure valve and will not over inflate them.

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