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Kids Pool and Water Slippers

When my kids where little the lived in those shoes. I just loves to buy them because the are so easy to clean, rinse them and done and never get old or the color fades. there are more reasons to have this shoes loaded for the summer. The other reason to wear footwear is to protect your feet from the bacteria and other microorganisms that love to grow in warm, damp environments like the grout around pool tiles. No matter how clean your pool looks, or how upscale the setting, there is likely some microscopic unpleasantness growing somewhere. It’s inevitable in a public space. Everyone knows about athlete’s foot (it got its name from its tendency to spread via locker rooms, after all), but you can pick up other conditions at the pool as well. Plantar warts, which are caused by a virus that generally invades the skin through small cuts and abrasions, and toenail fungus, a fungal infection underneath the surface of the nail that causes it to discolor, are both tenacious infections that can be contracted by walking barefoot in warm, moist environments. So wear your pool sandals in the shower and locker room as well as out by the pool! At the pool you generally need more grip than stability, so slides and thongs (also called flip-flops), which are easy to slip on and off, tend to be the most popular styles of pool sandals. To lengthen the life of your pool sandals, be sure to rinse them off and air-dry them after use. Don’t leave your wet sandals in a plastic bag or your pool bag, and don’t leave them lying out in the sun for long periods of time.
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